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July 6, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

Dead Reckoning With The Past

The above image, The Crafty Captain is also available as a Desktop

Today's song is Come And Get Your Love by Redbone, released in 1974.

As I type this message, the warm breezes are blowing through my San Diego home. The weather here is almost perfect throughout much of the year. The climate lends itself to living a laid-back life. I sail on with my life into the senior years. My book [link since deleted] is my ship's log for a few important parts of the voyage.

Earlier this week, the site accumulated 1/4 million page views since April 16th of this year. The world is mostly interconnected as we all know. What I do affects someone, what they do or have done affects me. For instance...

I was contacted by Regina from Destination Concepts, Inc., asking for permission to use the image shown below for their event at the Birch Aquarium at Scripps.

I received written permission from Cindy at the Aquarium allowing me to send Regina that image for their usage. It's cool to see situations like this come full circle.

It's an example of what people talk about. :-)


I read that many people want to get married this year on July 7th. The combination 07/07/07 is regarded as lucky by some. July marriages are not always so lucky, but I wish those marrying on the 7th the best!


From my project management class lessons here are two web links on leadership:


I added 29 images to my Time Out Of Mind iPhone Pictures page. As time goes by I will add more.

Maybe some of you using them will drop me a line or send me a picture of your iPhone with one of my images displayed? That would be cool! I'll add them to my Reader Testimonials page.


Here are some of my Desktop Snapshots from previous days that are now mentioned on Michael's Mac.


My brother-in-law, Bob, sent me this cool YouTube video, of artist, Pat Dunn doing some cool art.


My friend, Kathleen, sent me this patriotic link with American images narrated by John Wayne.


I see more YouTube videos about Mac vs. PC are out now. These four are touting the ability to run Windows applications under Parallels virtualization on a Mac.


I found this cool page showing Apple's Design Evolution.


Apple released iPhone Developer Information.

Not surprising to me, a report that Windows Development is down. Cooler technology is out there to write for without all the hassle from Microsoft.


Wired says here's a way to roll your own iPhone.


Wow! On July 8th it will be 60 years since the Roswell Crash. As they said in the 1951 movie, "keep watching the skies!" ;-)


It's not Dead Reckoning that brings me to sending this message in a bottle with the following Digital Insight.

The Crafty Captain (Created in July 2007)

I know a woman who is very smart and creative in her ways. She reminds me of a ship captain from the movies. Once she charts a course she sticks to it.

Many of her motives are subtle. The keen observer can observe her intent with the gleam in her eye.

She is a crafty leader and I'd sail with her anytime.

Using my own words, I quote a portion from that page's narration:

"Keep a sharp watch out for her, both the Crafty Captain, and the full-furled ship that bears her name."


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