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July 2, 2010 [More archived home pages here]

Covered Ground

The above image is, Plain Freedom

Today's song is Riders On The Storm by The Doors, released in 1971.

I wish every person celebrating the 4th of July Independence Day holiday a safe and fun weekend! It is my favorite holiday!

There are many coincidental aspects in my life relating to the days of the month falling on this weekend. It is a good time to make a change to new awareness and to inform my global readers.

This site accumulates page views every time a page is accessed. In the next few weeks the site will reach 5,000,000 page views after 8 years and some months of existence. I never even imagined in the beginning I would ever reach one million page views.

After reaching the 5 millionth page view, this site will accumulate no additional page views. Soon after that goal, I will publish a new final home page and stop publishing content on Time Out Of Mind.

The website will remain as it is for several more months. I have not yet decided whether to keep it open and available after my current contract with my web host contract expires. There is no rush for me to decide.


My friend, Gary, sent me the link for, Bear Creek. Here is a snippet from that page:

"The instruments you are likely to hear us perform on include: guitar, fiddle, penny whistle, hammered dulcimer, concertina, hurdy gurdy, and didgeridoo, plus a grab bag of musical toys including jaw harp, clackamore, limberjack, spoons, and kazoo."


My friend, Bob, sent me this link about States Rights and how to keep them. Your Ticket to Freedom is an important topic to cover in this age where the Federal Government intrudes in those rights. To keep our Independence we need to keep States Rights strong, just like our Founding Fathers wanted. That's what this holiday weekend has always been about for Americans.


Here's how you can Send websites and docs to iBooks.


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