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January 30, 2009 [ More archived home pages here ]

Up A Creek

The above image, Disney Canoe is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song via YouTube is A Day in the Life by The Beatles, released in 1967.

Because my California state government doesn't even try to operate with a balanced budget, the federal government will give this state the money it needs so that it can continue to waste tax dollars. If I was a resident of another state that does know how to operate in a balanced budget, I would be real upset that my tax dollars had to go to states that don't have a clue.

There is no incentive for my state government representatives to correct their behavior. For far too many years they failed to correctly tax every income dollar at a fair rate. They also failed to keep a handle on the expenses. They give away money and now every American that pays federal taxes has to pay for California's foolish policies.

I know the Democrats in Congress and our new President will do whatever they have to do to keep California solvent. It is the largest Democratic state in the Union and that's too many votes to let go sour. Even though the remaining states have a larger Democratic total vote, the Fed's know how to roll them over for the cause without too many complaints.

California and another 37 other states are in the same fix. Maybe those states learned fiscal irresponsibility from my state. California is at the top of that list and will remain in that position long after the federal bailout money has been expended.


On Wednesday I attended the informative webcast, Building RESTful Services with XQuery and XRX. It was very informative. Here's another link about this emerging technology.


I add the ability to sort Short Stories Statistics By Views


This guy has it right!


How to find the best cities to live in. San Diego is rated number 2.


Surface mail delivery to get even slower than it is now.


This situation is like a World Series Baseball team continually bringing up a batter to home plate who strikes-out every time.

Case in-point leading to this rhetorical question.


Another great tool by Google. We need a Federal Law mandating Net Neutrality to stop the interference from broadband providers. Broadband providers need to drastically increase the bandwidth speeds and capacity so that there is no need to try to regulate speed at which packets are transmitted and received.


Memory insights.


Found on the web links for January 29, 2009 [ Link since removed ]


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