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January 30, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

Super Bowl XLI Week

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Today's song is It's All In The Game, by Tommy Edwards, released in 1958.

The forty-first Super Bowl is this weekend. Now for the second time, the Chicago Bears are playing in it. How Cool! Go Bears!


My friend, Mark, sent me a link about Chicago history. I enjoy looking at old photos of Chicago life and learning about some of the fascinating aspects of my home town there.

Mark is a Vietnam veteran and he and I were out-of-touch with one another for over 38 years. We are getting to know each other again. He sends me several links each week. This one reminds me of the ultimate sacrifices some Americans are making as a measure of their duty.


Guy Kawasaki has some great tips for companies that should use more common sense when getting into a new market.

Here are some federal laws I would like to see enacted with respect to company or organization web pages. These seem common sense to me and they would be fair to people.

1) Require that every home page have the working email address of user support, the webmaster, and, a telephone number to leave a message too. That information needs to be in a clear and readable location in the same size font and font style as the rest of the text on the home page.

2) For every form based information collection process, have a pdf available at the start of the process indicating every question in order that will be asked for the entire form submission process. This will allow a user to know in advance, everything that will be asked of them during the submission process.

3) In connection with number two, at any time, the user can have whatever information they have entered, be deleted on demand by them. For instance, every page of the process, a button to delete/erase all previously entered information from the submission process.

Those suggestions should be put into law asap. They are very simple to implement.


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