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January 29, 2010 [ More archived home pages here ]

Dad's 100th

Today's song is Welcome Back by John Sebastian, released in 1976.

On Saturday I travel to Chicago to visit with my family and friends. I will be there for over a week. My wife, Sherry, joins me next week and we return home together early in the following week. My two grandchildren anxiously await our arrival. There are two days I will be getting together with friends, one time on the south side of Chicago and one on the northwest side of that great city of my birth.

This is a special trip for me. On Sunday, January 31, 2010, I and my family celebrate the 100th anniversary of my late Father's birth. His picture taken at age 25 is shown above.

My daughter, her husband, and their children will accompany me to visit the cemetery where his remains have laid in rest since 1955; near where my Mother's, my oldest brother's, and my nephew's graves are situated. My niece who lives in The Netherlands, asked me to deposit a penny on each grave marker and I will accommodate her request. I already know it will be an emotional day.

In September 1995, Sherry and I visited the small town of Spencer, Iowa, where my Father was born. I know very little about his life there, nor when or how he came to live in Chicago. I do know the story of how my parents met and later wed.

I've spent a few years awaiting this trip, to celebrate the birth of one-half of the two people that created my life. Soon this circle of life will be completed.


I published one new digital art image, Tranquility's Trap (shown below).


I'm thinking of how my partnership's Newbound Software Library (NSL) will back-end to the new Apple iPad via Web Services running on our company's server cloud. We are an iPhone Developer now; the iPad product builds upon that developer license. Our Content Management Systems (CMS) portion of the NSL can be leveraged immediatly using the iPad's Safari browser.


Some of my Desktop Backgrounds will be sized for the Apple iPad in the near future.


My Facebook friend, Renee, has a new website, Spice of Life Personal Chef Service in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. Renee's selections look very tasty to me!


Here are some links concerning HTML5:


Found on the web links for January 28, 2010 [ Link since removed ]


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