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January 25, 2008 [ More archived home pages here ]

Lonesome Loves

The above image is Broken Dreams Island

Today's song is I Should Have Never Let You Go by Neil and Dara Sedaka, released in 1980.

Okay, after watching Comanche Moon, I just had to go and buy the Lonesome Dove Collection. I did that last Monday and have been watching the episodes one at a time each evening this week, except for Wednesday night. I can now see why so many people talked about this movie over the years.

Essentially it's a great love story about men, women, their lives, their friendships, their adventures, their losses, and their lessons. Some of the story's characters come and go quickly, just as people do in real life.

A few characters are lonesome for their loved ones for many years, but they won't take direct action to resolve the issues between them. Words or letters are not exchanged between them, just as in real life.

I make a bowl of popcorn, slip in the DVD and relax as the story continues to unfold across the episodes.


My friend and mentor, Gene Weed, is back from working on the next James Bond film. His work took him to Central and South America, and then to Pinewood Studios in London. We have a lot to catch up on...


I need to spend more time on my PMI-SD activities and my work efforts at Newbound, Inc., in my role as President there. As a result, all future home page updates for at least the near term will happen only once per week, typically on Friday. Other pages on the site may be added in-between home page updates.


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