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January 19, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

Possessive Technology Urges

Today's song is It's Only a Paper Moon, by Nat King Cole, released about 1945.

When I was a young boy, I remember adult conversations revolving around cars and which car was better. Mostly the cars in my neighborhood were Fords and Chevys, a few Ramblers could be found too.

It seemed important at the time that many owners of cars could brag about their choice of vehicle and put-down another owner's choice of a different vehicle. It was an argument of status.

When I lived near Fox Lake, Illinois in my youth, I overheard boat owners arguing about which outboard motor was better, Mercury or Evinrude. It was an argument of status.

Years have gone by, the same kind of status arguments are made on a variety of products. It never ends. For example, I use Mac technologies because I can get so much more done using it than I could with Windows. But, I know another who makes the reverse claim by using Windows. Checkout this article for a debate over Windows Vista. Be sure to read the comments by readers at the end of that article. It is an argument of status.

People buy products for all kinds of reasons and they can often become possessive about them. Not every product produces that reaction. When's the last time you heard a status argument over kleenex? Generic copies of kleenex are used by more people in this world than all computer and car owners combined. Can I say that blowing one's nose in a kleenex is the ultimate status statement?

It's okay by me whatever products you use and advocate for to others. I'm guilty of this practice myself. I'm very possessive of my product choices for most items. So are you, I think.

In the end, it's the offer to extend our own kleenex to others in time of need that binds us all to one another. I'm sure when I offer it to you that you'll appreciate my brand of kleenex the best . :-)


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