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January 18, 2010 [ More archived home pages here ]

Something About Love

The above image, Hot And Cold is also available as a modified Desktop Background

Today's song is Fool If You Think It's Over by Chris Rea, released in 1978.

One of my Facebook friends asked a question on his Wall concerning the changing perspectives in love relationships. He sought the views of his friends and as expected received varied replies.

I responded and mentioned my previous home page message titled, Acceptance Greater Than Love for my answer. Afterwards I thought a little more about it.

A love relationship can start with a strong urge or it may take a while to develop. It can have intervals of being Hot and Cold at different times. Love is not an easy emotion to learn about for most people. Some are lucky in love the first time, others never find the satisfaction they seek. The vast majority from my experience evolve that emotion over a number of encounters.

I'm not saying love should always develop into a long-term commitment. Some great friendships have withered and died after reaching that stage. Sometimes love is fleeting and lasts only a short period of time, intended that way from the start.

Love isn't always experienced in nearness to another. Time and distance may matter or not. There aren't too many hard-and-fast rules about love, perhaps no rules at all.

If your looking for guarantees in love, you may be disappointed.

One thing I'm sure of in my life is that love is important to me. Important to share, receive, acknowledge it where it exists. This is something I learned is true over a long period of time. Those I love to different extents, understand this about me.


I watched the 1956 movie, Miracle in the Rain on Saturday night. The terrible effects of war or even a draft during wars can cause serious problems in love relationships, perhaps even end them.


Take a look at this video for some wonderful examples of Apple's Quartz Composer application by Futurismo Zugakousaku. I've used some of his techniques in my own examples [1; 2] with his written permission.

Quartz Composer Book - Basic from zuga on Vimeo


I think this is very much true.


This should never have been true in American history.


Found on the web links for January 17, 2010 [ Link since removed ]


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