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January 18, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

This Is What I Had In Mind

Today's song is Sugartime by the McGuire Sisters released in 1958.

My cousin, Don Cook, sent me the above photo yesterday. It is my wife, Sherry, and daughter, Jenny, and me, taken in 1982. I used the larger version for my desktop background. He sent many photos and we in the Larson family appreciate seeing them. More are on the way I'm told. Thanks, Don!

Monday night, I watched Norma Shearer in the 1931 movie, Strangers May Kiss. She sure knew how to flaunt her beauty on the screen. Anyway, I'm mentioning this movie because she plays a character who loves one man but he turns her down, so she goes on a fling with every man that she fancies. In the end she finds the error of her ways and in true Hollywood style of the day, she ends up with the man she always loved. The lesson is to never give up on love, hang in there, and love will find a way.

I enjoy many of the early sound pictures. I would like to be able to see the old movies at my local theater, but they only show the newly released movies. Often the new movies are crap, scripts and plots about totally unrealistic stories that never happen in life to anyone. Too bad the managers of theaters aren't free to show movies in good taste from the old days. Maybe their theaters wouldn't be facing extinction if they didn't have to show crappy movies. I think it would be great to see Academy Award winning films from the start of talkies until now, shown again on the big screen. Anyway, it's an idea that might catch on so that the public might stay interested in the movie theater experience.

Yeah, I know, people are tired of going to movies. They would prefer to watch movies on a smaller screen and control the time, place, and format of the experience. It's called progress. Well, the new Apple Mac-Intel computers announced last week at Macworld will play movies really well. The screens are bright and crisp and the Front Row software makes it easy to watch video in grand style. I saw the official Apple-Intel Ad and thought it could have been better. Well, someone took the same video and added their own soundtrack using the newest version of GarageBand in iLife '06 to make a really classy ad. Sometimes Apple needs to check with their users to see if all that great technology they sell can be used by some of us to produce better ads than the professional marketing firms can. It's true in this case.

I'm waiting before I purchase a new Apple-Intel system. I want a real screamer of a system and I probably won't have to wait for too many months to get it. Then I'll have a nice big digital screen, lots of disk space, lots of RAM, and of course, a great set of software to use with it. For now though, I'm satisfied to use my current system. I can create my art and write my stories for my upcoming book. It's going to be a great year for what I have in mind.


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