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January 17, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

Phantom of the iPod

Last Friday I purchased the new iPod shuffle so I can take the music of my choice with me wherever I go. I'm not a big fan of local AM or FM radio, there is too much idle chatter between DJ's and callers. When I'm walking around the beach or someplace else, I want to hear the music I like, not the music someone else likes. For $99 I solved that problem and now I'm a happy person when on-the-go. Here are two articles about that new digital device [1; 2].

On Friday night, I took Sherry out to dinner at the San Marcos Brewery. We enjoyed our dinner there and then went to the movie theater next door. We chose to see the new movie, The Phantom of the Opera. We both really liked that film.

I was especially taken by the last scene of the movie with the rose. In many ways, I could identify with the Phantom with respect to the years of my young adulthood in the early 1970's. Something stirred within me about that scene, I thought about making my own version of the rose and the impression it left within me.

I decided instead of a rose, I would substitute my iPod shuffle. That represents the music of my life, both during the day and of the night.

The phantom image above is also available as a Desktop.


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