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January 16, 2009 [ More archived home pages here ]

The Quest for Soul Mates

The above image, Twin Hearts Of Gold, is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is Let There Be Love, by Nat King Cole, released in 1961.

A woman from Australia contacted me via my Facebook site. She asked me a question about my short story, A Soul Mate Reunion. In the ensuing conversation bridging her Facebook site and mine, we conversed about soul mates and twin-flames.

I also joined the Facebook site, Soulmate Reunion Club, after reading about it on the woman's site. That group has both men and women as members of that group. That's good to see because I feel it's important to get male and female perspectives about the topic. In my private conversations and emails over the years, I've learned some perspectives from men and woman I know when the soul mate topic arose.

I'm curious to learn why some people stop searching after encountering one person they consider their soul mate. It is my belief that many people can be soul mates to each individual. More soul mates expose more insights and brings new knowledge about human understanding. That's been my experience in life.

I'm part of that group on Facebook now. Time will tell whether the members actively participate in discussions there or just read about others as a passive activity.


I'm remembering it was nine years ago today my mother passed away. I know from her that she and my late father were soul mates.


I published some pictures from last Sunday's trip to Disneyland. It is the 1,000th web page for this web site.


My partner, Marc Raiser, has created a short YouTube video demonstrating a small part of our Newbound Software Library (NSL), a 3D scripting environment. The demo is based on the dataflow programming paradigm similar to the Prograph development environment we used in our former partnership, EveryDay Objects, Inc., (logo shown below).

The NSL is written in Java and has a lot more capabilities than what is quickly shown in this preliminary demo. Our software runs on smartphones that run Java and other Java enabled devices, all the way up to the cloud computing environment. We recently ran many tens of Amazon EC2 server instances for one of our clients because our Java objects have built-in peer-to-peer communication and asynchronos behaviors. That process would have taken many days on a single server, instead completed in about a day with the multitude of EC2 instances running at the same time in parallel. Such is the power and scope of the NSL running services on the Amazon cloud environment.


Go East, but not past Colorado, unless Key West is the ultimate destination.

This is what happens when state officials can't figure out how to adequately tax everyone who uses government services. When California is broke maybe they will begin to understand...


Uncle Sam's 2009 Shopping List.


Well, what do you know? This loser is starting to see the light!


I answered this question for the last time in February 1996. I noticed that whenever it gets so cold, Chicagoans increasingly read my January 21, 2008 page.


My friend, Bob, sent me this link, perhaps in response to this one of mine?


gvcard is an easy way to create vcards. On a Mac using Leopard, the vcard created is one click away from the Apple Address book after using this online service.


Hydra 2.0 Aperture plug-in is a useful tool for creating HDR images.


Found on the web links for January 15, 2009 [ Link since removed ]


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