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January 15, 2010 [ More archived home pages here ]

ROI - Return On Ignorance

The above image, Dawn Of Understanding is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is Rings by Cymarron, released in 1971.

I recently attended a webinar concerning Social Media in Business. That's a topic of great interest to my partner in Newbound, Inc., Marc and I. In most of the webinars I attend, there is a chat box allowing the participants to maintain a dialog between themselves and the presenters. Often you can learn a great deal of information from some of the hundreds of participants engaged in the chat room.

On Thursday one of the webinar presenters, Stowe Boyd expressed the words, "Management will continue to use technologies in ways that don't work." It was such a concise telling statement because I immediately recognized it from my own past experiences in corporate life. About that time in the chat box, the phrase, ROI -- Return On Ignorance appeared and I knew what I would write about for today's message.

Very often employees want to engage their management in new ideas or new approaches to old ideas. Most of the time the employee suggestions are discarded, perhaps not even appreciated, maybe shot down before the employee even finishes. I have first-hand experience in that, haven't you?

I accept that every new idea or approach is not feasible. Especially if the presenter of the idea hasn't thought out the suggestion and can't explain it on paper. Management requires clear thinking and a well-prepared plan of action to commit to change.

However, there are the cases where well-prepared and thought out plans have been created and submitted, only to be rejected out-of-hand. This is where another referenced quote appearing in the webinar, shed light on that issue:

"Managers would rather live with a problem they can't solve than with a solution they don't fully understand or control."
-- Eric Bonabeau (Icosystems founder and CTO) in an interview by Derrick Story

Now that is a real explanation of ROI - Return On Ignorance without a doubt!

As the current recession lessens its grip on our economy, old and new businesses will be competing for expansion of their markets or creating new ones. The new social media will help, but only if management and staff work together. In a few years we will recognize whether the transformation of using social media has helped or hindered in our private lives and in business.

Will companies adapt and learn or will they stubbornly resist change? The free market and global customers will be voting with their wallets. Everybody is getting wiser on how to use information, so I'm pretty sure clear winners will emerge and those remaining ignorant will fall out of the competition. I've witnessed this in past paradigm shifts where I participated. With Newbound, Inc., we hope to do it right.


I joined the Facebook Group version of, Big Hug. It would be harder to find a bigger hug, I know that!

This is similar to the Hands Across America effort back on May 25, 1986.


Saturday, January 16, 2010 marks the tenth anniversary of my Mother's passing. I didn't know it at the time, but it started a new awakening in me. Grief takes many forms and there is no time limit on its effects. There are days when I wish I could give her a hug and tell her I love her again.


My Facebbook friend, Zane, lives in Perth, Australia. Recently he asked this question on his Wall. "Why is when it is called 'after dark', instead of 'after light'?

I responded that 'after dark' means, "After the onset of darkness."

After further discussion he arrived at a new acronym -- ATOOD, meaning "After the onset of darkness". Zane's right, but it may take a long time to catch on. ;-)

Zane also wrote about the Big Hug project on his Facebook Wall saying:

"We should all replace the common handshake with a 'HUG' as the correct social and business protocol for the 21st Century.  :)"

He's right about that too!


I added one Favorite Header Image Combinations shown below:


I remember Jan Gabriel on the radio from 40 years ago. My best friend Bill Artus and I visited those raceways back in the early 1970's.


Another Microsoft Project 2007 tip, Tips and Tricks: Changing Constraints Back to Normal.


Four ways to fake infrared photography


MiniUsage to monitor your Mac resources.


One more free open-source tool to copy DVD's for your own personal usage.


Found on the web links for January 14, 2010 [ Link since removed ]


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