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January 14, 2008 [ More archived home pages here ]

The Most Important List

The above image, Whirling Dervish is also available as a Desktop

Sherry and I went to see the new movie, The Bucket List on Friday night. The movie is a wonderful story of how to live life to the fullest, even when time grows short.

One of the ingredients of the story is the making of a list, doing what's on the list, and completing the list as a matter of pride. The main characters make their list of activities to complete before they die. They share their ideas and help each other achieve their goals. Their newfound friendship for each other allows them the time they need.

Along the way, they add to the list, they checkoff items on the list. Sometimes they refuse to consider an activity for the list and it weighs on them.

I know there are terminally ill people who have things they want to experience or complete before they pass on and that's an admirable passion to have towards the end.

We never know when we will die, but even if the end is far off in the future, we can have a list of things to achieve. In my case, I have experienced most of what I wanted to do, but still there are some things left to do, places to see, people to meet.


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