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January 14, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

Here's Looking Back At You

Today's song is Key Largo, by Bertie Higgins, released in 1982.

Fifty years ago today, Humphrey Bogart passed away. He is my favorite actor of all time.

The first time I remember watching a Humphrey Bogart film is about 1961. I don't remember which film it was, but I liked him right away. I've seen most of his films. My favorite films of him are: Casablanca; Sahara; The Maltese Falcon; and, To Have and Have Not.

One time when I was in San Francisco, I rode on the cable car he used in a scene from one of his movies, Dark Passage. Inside that cable car (No. 20) on the ceiling is a plaque mentioning it was the cable car used in the film.

I've read a book about Bogart. In life he was much different than his movie characters. It is a testament of his ability as an actor to draw upon forces within to convince the audience of the characters he improvised on the screen.

I'm not like Humphrey Bogart at all, but I admire who he was. I'd like to think I could be Rick, who has lots of friends and employees who stand by him as the owner of Rick's Cafe. Or the guy who just needs to whistle to get the woman across from his room. Yeah, me and a few hundred million other guys feel just like that at times.

Nobody ever effected women the way you did when you looked at them, Humphrey. In another fifty years it still won't have happened.


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