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January 12, 2009 [ More archived home pages here ]

The Winds Of Santa Ana

The above image, Billy Hill Hillbillies is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is Groovin, by The Young Rascals, released in 1967.

We are experiencing Santa Ana Winds here this week bringing warm, dry air to this region. Yesterday it was 70-80 degrees under a sunny blue sky.

To celebrate this welcome weather, Sherry, DJ, and I went to Disneyland on Sunday using our annual passes. The park was not crowded at all making it a wonderful trip. Here are some of the pictures from that trip. By the way, that page is the 1,000th page on this site.

Three particular aspects of the Disneyland trip made it stand out for me. Firstly, we had a blast at the Billy Hill Hillbillies show. We attend their talented show every time we go to Disneyland. Sherry purchased their latest CD this trip and the band autographed it for her before the show. During the show, Sherry expressed her appreciation by acting like a 1960's Groupie in the front row. At times she would yell out things like, "I love you Billy Elvis!" It was a riot.

The second activity that stood out was the raft trip over to Tom Sawyer's Island. I've never been on that place before. I took several pictures there because it offers places away from the main hustle-and-bustle of Disneyland itself.

The image above is also available as a slightly modified Desktop Background.

The third situation I encountered happened by accident right at the end of the day there. While Sherry and DJ shopped on Main Street, I went to sit on a bench by the Town Square flagpole near the entrance. It was late in the evening when all of a sudden, Mickey Mouse came over to right in front of where I was sitting. Following Mickey, was a large line of families waiting to take pictures with Mickey.

The image above is also available as a Desktop.

Immediately, I was asked by people in the crowd to use their camera to take their picture standing with Mickey. I was happy to oblige them. And so it happened once agin in my life, I was there, at the right time, to be part of a very cool experience. Each group that I assisted as a photographer for their photo was extremely appreciative to me. That experience rounded out a great day at Disneyland and goes to show how people from all over the world can participate in a special moment together. The winds of Santa Ana and the real magic of Disneyland made its mark on me and all those strangers for a short span of time on Sunday. May it be the same on your next trip there.


My friend and mentor, Gene Weed, and his associates have granted me written permission to publish one of his restoration projects, Carol for New Year. The credits and background to this musical piece is shown below:

Mr. Don Larson,

I know your audience will love this. It was recorded over thirty years ago in Schenectady, New York. It was our NEW YEARS Resolution, as we were just coming out out of a severe recession. The tune was written many, many decades ago by our seafaring ancestors and as such, reflects a positive attitude; to of which, we all need desperatly now; and in likes same of kind of 2009. So, here is our song.

"God Send Us A Merry New Year" . . . .

Original TITLE: "Carol for New Year"
c. 1600 or earlier. Source: Ancient Atlan Algonquin tune that predates 15,000 years or more.

Inaugural performance of the Mid-side Recording System, by Gene Weed

WGY, Schenectady NY

Produced by:
Bill Spence, State University of New York (SUNY)
Leon E. 'Gene' Weed, SUNY, Applied Audio Research, Burnt Hills, NY, WGY Radio

John Roberts, lead vocals, accordion, violin
Tony Barrand, EMI, London UK, vocals, accordion
Gene Weed, flute, vocals, drums, violin
Fred Breuning, NPR, WGBH, Boston, vocals, violin
Steve Woodruff, University of Vermont, NPR, vocals, violin
William Spence, NPR, SUNY, Andy's Front Hall Records, vocals, drums

Restoration by STUDIO57A


LETS ALL ROLL . . . . . !!!!!!


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