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January 12, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

Living The Digital Life

Watching Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer, Inc., give the Macworld San Francisco 2005 Keynote presentation, I knew my life would change once again for the better.

Steve says this is the year of HDV (High Definition Video). No one should doubt him after seeing the new products announced by him.

For almost 25 years now, I've been an avid computer programmer and user. Each year I do less-and-less programming and more user-oriented activities. I am a digital-centric user with a hot passion for Apple products. I will never be cured and I have no wish to be. There are no other alternatives for artists who want to create digital content, in my humble opinion.

Take a look at iLife as a start. Anyone with a digital camcorder can now create movies to DVD's in one simple step if that's all they want to do. Of course if they want to customize their creations, the iLife tools let them do that easily too. It's the Mac computer system at the next level.

The next level, that's where Steve Jobs takes us every time he gives keynote presentations.

Here's a new level for you, iWork. Now there's a revolutionary way to do word processing and presentation documents with absolute stunning power and ease. Until that demo I never saw real-time reformatting of a page at any design complexity as a user drags pictures or adds text to the page. The user sees the page layout update instantly as the user moves the mouse pointer around the window.

Here's where my next level is, Final Cut Express HD. I can't wait to get my hands on that software for my DVD creations that I'm working on. In fact I was about to start my DVD distribution this week (DVD main menu image shown above) until I saw what the new release Final Cut Express HD offers. I now realize my work is out-of-date unless I jazz it up with the new capabilities.

While I was drooling over that upgrade, Steve shows off the new Mac mini that tells me I can network a bunch of those devices as networked rendering engines someday in the near future. Anyone doing HD video will want network rendering engines. When Tiger comes out, I expect that capability.

Then, I was totally blown-away by the iPod shuffle. I think I'm in love. What a cool piece of technology and it does just what I want simply and easily. I want one now! Update: I purchased the 512MB version on January 14, 2005 along with the Belkin TuneCast II Mobile FM Transmitter.

So in 2005, I'll be living the digital life. I am thinking of purchasing a new high-end Mac system with a high-end video card to do all this new HDV work. I was given, Motion as a Christmas present. I need a fast and powerful Mac to run it so that inspires me to a new purchase soon.

My storytelling motivates me to live the digital life. Apple gives me the power to live my dreams. Living those dreams digitally is the next level for me in 2005.


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