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January 11, 2010 [ More archived home pages here ]

Sophisticated Searches

The above image, Conjurer's Evocation is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is Devil Woman by Cliff Richard, released in 1976.

I enjoy reviewing my website logs and other statistical information I keep. It helps me understand what parts of the globe are accessing my material. I am proud that this website has provided so much to so many for free.

It also gives people the opportunity to follow some of my interests. It is a two-way exchange of information, intended that way from the start.

For a long time this site has been heavily indexed by search engines. For the past several months I have watched certain and particular pages referenced that as far as I'm concerned could only be conducted by intentional order. That pattern reveals a likelihood of only a few people, perhaps even a single person, analyzing what they seek and find.

That activity is more a curiosity to me than anything else. I purposely have created content here over all the years. I know what page should reference another page and what shouldn't. In some themes of mine, there will never be anything concrete that shows 2+2=4 on some topics. To be an effective artist and writer there must always be inconclusive parts spread out to keep the story or creation generalized at some level.

The sophisticated searches are always welcome here. I'm pretty sure I gain more information from them than is given out. :-)


I recently volunteered to help out my Project Management Institute, San Diego Component by creating two digital videos for the 2010 Annual Conference and related marketing efforts. I used Apple's iMove and Final Cut Express 4.0.1 software to handle the projects.


For may family and friends in the Chicago area, I will be coming there to visit towards the end of this month for about a nine-day visit. I hope to see you as I can. :-)


As a storyteller myself, I was intrigued by the 2008 movie, Inkheart I watched on Friday night on DVD.


New short story, Handwriting On The Wall.


Here's my Personal DNA Report. It was created many years ago, but I think it's still accurate. :-)


I hope the nearby city, Escondido, CA, keeps the law allowing voters to decide on Code Exemptions.

It's a bad idea, in my humble opinion, to allow a few city council members to approve Code Exemptions when the outcome effects the entire community. It's better to let the majority of the voting community decide in such matters.


My friend, Bob, sent me this video link on an old idea from the Ford Motor Company.


For those that send out emails to people with the recipients' emails displayed publicly, here is how to use the blind-carbon-copy (BCC) field instead to hide those email addresses. That practice helps keep spam messages down. Thank you.


Found on the web links for January 10, 2010 [ Link since removed ]


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