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January 10, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

The Apple Effect

Today's song is Take On Me, by A-Ha, released in 1985.

Apple Computer dropped the word, "Computer" from its name today. Henceforth it is known as Apple, Inc. According to CEO Steve Jobs, the name change signifies that the company is not just a computer technology firm, instead it is a business of creating and selling electronic devices and software that work together.

Steve Jobs took two hours today to explain the company's newest products. Only a few minutes of that time did he refer to anything other than the Apple TV and iPhone products. That is a major change for a week at Moscone Center that for over twenty years was regarded as five days revolving around the Mac. Apparently, those days are gone and a new age dawns for Apple devotees.

It's a certainty that in the near future, newer and more powerful Macs will available. In a few months the next Operating System, Leopard is likely to hit the streets. Those technologies will support the new items announced today. Everything from Apple, Inc., is being further integrated.

I never could predict what Steve Jobs was going to do at any time. I gave up trying to figure out his next moves many years ago. I know that he is usually very successful in his ideas and will trust that the new Apple, Inc., will be loyal to its core.


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