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January 8, 2010 [ More archived home pages here ]

Warm Days of Early January 2010

The above image, Kicking Back is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is Old Friends by Simon & Garfunkel, released in 1968.

Wile many areas of the world are suffering from the nasty effects of winter, we here in San Diego are enjoying warm temperatures in the low 70's. That's about ten degrees warmer than normal here for this time of year. That pattern is predicted to last into at least next Tuesday. Typically, by early March here this weather pattern is frequent, so each day of this warm spell brings us closer to March regular environment.

As I was telling my Newbound, Inc. partner, Marc (who lives in Chicago), if it was cold everywhere in the world, then Al Gore would be proven wrong! So for all those suffering terrible snow storms and bone-chilling cold, just think how cold it could be if Global Warming wasn't true! ;-)


My best friend, Angel, celebrates a birthday on Saturday. Happy birthday, my friend! I wish you many more to come!


My friend, Jim, published a new leadership article that hits the mark, Everyday Creativity.


Ryan Carr's Accounting provides valuable information for running your business. He's a CPA and wrote a book for S-Corp businesses. Give him a call!


Five 2010 resolutions for IT.


Need an all-purpose remote?


My old college alma mater is having tough times.


In case my partner, Marc, has this problem. :-)


Found on the web links for January 7, 2010 [ Link since removed ]


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