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January 8, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

Points Of No Return

Today's song is (We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet, by Blues Magoos, released in 1967.

As I was watching this weekend's four NFL Wild Card Games I formed the opinion that only the New England Patriots have a chance of moving to the Championship Game in a couple weeks time (providing they somehow miraculously beat the San Diego Chargers). The other three winning Wild Card teams in my opinion will all lose next week. They almost lost this weekend, except the teams they played were even worse. They are at the point of no return.

There are other examples where success is the destiny, otherwise time and other resources invested is pretty much wasted. I'll cite one or two examples that come to mind.

The President this week will announce the new strategy to fight the War on Terror in Iraq. If the leaked plans are any indication of what will actually be presented, then America for sure is at the point of no return in that battle. For America to win in Iraq, it needs to use overwhelming force. America won't win by less than that full measure.

The complication is that military doctrine should have been implemented from the start and now the leaked plan is just a way to keep from losing that battle for the last two years of the President's term. The leaked plan may sound good on paper to some people, but I don't buy it.

I also don't agree that America should provide any more funds for nation-building projects in Iraq or for jobs for Iraqis. All that money for those aspects should be used here to rebuild areas of our own nation and to provide training for jobs here in our own country.

I can see real tangible results by investing that one billion dollars to train American workers to have the skills American employers say we lack resulting in American employers hiring foreigners to perform those tasks here. I never did understand why American companies hire foreigners to come and take our jobs. If the foreigners have skills needed that we don't have (for some unexplained reason), then why not hire them to train us and then we can perform our jobs and they can go back home to their own countries? It's not past the point of no return to implement that policy.

There is also the point of no return when a lover looks into your eyes and signals you that it's time to respond in a more engaging way. The inexperienced person will not always recognize the sign and react as expected. Or the inexperienced may overreact with disastrous consequences at some point in time. The mature person understands the world they live in. In some cases, the point of no return may in reality be, the beginning of something new and wonderful.


My friend, Jeff Rutan sent me this link about Blue Orgin. ;-)


Here's an article on how Microsoft continues to thwart open standards. So what else is new for that illegal monopoly?


My friend and mentor, Gene Weed, sends me this press release:

Internationally acclaimed Jazz Singer Frances Coché returns to the stage in California once again. She has been gone for almost a year now, and now she is Back! -with her new violin no less - Along with her remarkable voice which will smooth your soul and bring you back to the time when real music and - love ruled our world. . . .

This show was a sell out last year, and will be again this year for sure.

So get your reservations now before they are all gone!

I'll be there . . . .with the 'SINGER of SINGERS'


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