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January 8, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Visions Of Macworld 2006

Today's song is Listen To The Music by the Doobie Brothers released in 1972.

Mac users everywhere await the news of this week's Macworld San Francisco event. This is the year that Apple moves its computer line to the Intel platform, a switch I have advocated since 1998. Only goodness for Apple follows from now on, in my humble opinion. :-)

Ten years ago, my former partnership of EveryDay Objects, Inc. (EDO), worked a booth at the 1996 Macworld San Francisco event. It was a terrific week of activities I will never forget. EDO accomplished a lot in its time. I and my former partners are proud of what we did during our company's life. Some of the things I still do in life are because of what EDO achieved, that Macworld experience in particular.

Last year I created a lot of digital content in support of Apple's product directions. I enjoyed my iPod shuffle and later my iPod Nano, presented as a gift to me by my daughter. Sherry purchased a new PowerBook and she enjoys all the features that laptop allows her to do.

In December 2005, I placed the music from my two CD's I created online as mp3's.

Today, I place the Quicktime movies of 90 art images and six music tracks from my Digital Passages Visions DVD online. The individual movie files are encoded as H.264 for use with QuickTime 7 software.

I used Apple's Final Cut Express HD, Garageband, Soundtrack, and, LiveType to create the movies.

I offer my copyrighted music and movies to my readers to enjoy in non-commercial uses. Commercial usage requires a license from me. Non-commercial usage requires artist credit, contact me for more information.



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