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January 7, 2008 [ More archived home pages here ]

Independent Thinking

The above image, The Primaries is also available as a Desktop

I am enjoying this political season with all the changes in poll positions for the presidential candidates.

As a Centrist I changed my voter registration to be independent so I could be free to choose who to vote for next November. I won't be voting in the primary election because I have no reason to help pick a winner too soon. There are so many changes that impact the United States, that in order for the best ideas to be heard, I say let the race stay competitive right up until the end of the campaign.

Our nation is ready for a change in leadership that is not of the old guard. New faces, new ideas, new alliances to be made is the flavor of this next election. It will be interesting to watch how the old guard comes to grip with the new reality.

These United States will face tougher issues over the next four years than what we have faced before. I think the next election will be a landslide election making it easier for the prevailing party to govern. If the majority of Americans support the Congress and President in the next term, we may see the start of a new age in politics.

I still say the 2012 Election that will be more important than the 2008 Election is, but maybe we get our act together during the next term to make it an easier transition in the term that follows.


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