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January 6, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Breakdowns Of Communications

Today's song is Let The People Talk by Neil Sedaka.

Freedom of Speech is an inalienable right of every person. That means no person or government gives you that right, you possess that right by virtue of being alive. We Americans recognized that truth over two hundred years ago and the concept has spread around the world to a large extent. Well, almost everywhere. There is one exception I'll point out a bit further into this message.

There is a new free cross-platform software program, Gizmo available allowing people to make free telephone calls to another using the same program. The program provides a way to record the conversation (with all participant's permission) for use in a podcast. I have been using Skype for remote podcast interviews, but I'm thinking of using Gizmo because it's simpler to use.

I wish the American communications landscape would move forward incorporating wireless fast bandwidth so that I could purchase an Internet-capable portable phone that I could use software like Gizmo or Skype to make free calls to others on an Internet-capable portable phones. I hope I don't have to wait too many more years for that technology to arrive.

Of course, when people meet in-person they have a chance to talk for free. People at work talk all the time in one way or another. With so much talking it's a wonder more positive changes in business haven't taken place over these last decades. Well, if you want to make a positive impression in your company perhaps you should read, The Art of Intrapreneurship by Guy Kawasaki. I met and spoke with Guy several times over the last 22 years and he is one of the most interesting and charismatic persons I've ever met! Guy has keen insights into what drives people to be successful and delivers his wisdom in a comprehensive, humorous delivery.

Now let's turn to the Dark Side of free speech where not so positive business changes take place. This is the article that motivated me to write today. It's really tragic that an American company is at the forefront of enforcing censorship in China. Yes, none other than the illegal monopoly Microsoft is making its greedy, anti-freedom stance siding with a Communist nation in denying another human being their inalienable right to speak. Maybe Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer should read the Declaration of Independence as a refresher on Human Rights! I quote a section of the InfoWorld referenced article below:

In an interview with IDG News Service Wednesday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer reiterated that the company is bound to respect local law.

"We have an obligation in all the countries where we do business to abide by the laws and the government decrees in those countries," Ballmer said. "We do here, we do in Europe; we also do in places like China. And anybody can choose not to do business in any country. We all have that option."

Oh, No, No, No! I suppose it's a good thing Steve wasn't as powerful as he is today and living in the Southern States during the years of American Slavery! I wonder what his business views on Apartheid would have been on South Africa and the other nations of the world that joined to pressure change there in the last century? What if Steve had been a business partner with the Nazi's, can you imagine his interpretation and alignment with the Nazi laws against non-Arians?

I can't imagine with all the wrong things that Microsoft has been convicted of, that they still have this idea of flaunting justice for profits sake! God, I wish they had been broken up from being an illegal monopoly! They are spreading the very wrong message with their leadership views and they are harming brave people in other nations that are only trying to speak out what their souls rightfully wish to state.

I couldn't sit back today after reading that article. I had to write my feelings right here and now. Just let them try to shut me down. This human being understands freedom of speech and won't stop expressing my views regardless of what an illegal global monopolistically greedy CEO thinks.


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