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January 6, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

A Pathfinder's Steps

Sensitive people have a natural empathy for others. Such people are sought out about as often as they seek others. Certain unwritten protocols are used to be respectful of the encounter because we're dealing with the inner regions of one's space. Our space is important to us and discretion on who gets close is always exercised.

Most of the time I'm a solitary pathfinder, slowly, inexorably, moving through life seeking answers to new questions as they arise.

In rare cases, I run across other people who also describe themselves as pathfinders. A few of them have become good friends and we enjoy the time together to discuss our own personal philosophies. Those times are some of my most cherished slices of life.

Pathfinders by definition, are people who break away from the mainstream, the status quo, the cookie-cut lifestyles that most people seem to align themselves with for some purpose. We enjoy our freedom and spirit of individuality and exercise it at every opportunity and are not concerned to be part of the "in crowd".

Most pathfinders are friendly people, people of action, people who care about others. We just don't abide by too many traditional ways of modern life. We enjoy the challenges our differences cause us and devote our energies to maintaining our independence from the norm.

Once in a while, two pathfinders discover one another through unusual circumstances. The surprise is at least half of the new enjoyment found together. They are curious how the most subtlest steps brought them together. The slightest change of spatial placement or time would have prevented the encounter from occurring or from being recognized as a unique moment for them.

Without much pretense they reveal themselves in precise detail to each other and await responses that signify recognition of the pathfinder's experiences and validation of their existence from that point onward.

I created a GarageBand tune, Spirit of the Pathfinder to celebrate the mood.


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