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January 4, 2010 [ More archived home pages here ]

Natural Gifts

The above image, Hues Intentions is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is Change The World by Eric Clapton, released in 1996.

Recently one of my Facebook friends, wrote to ask me advice about expressing themself via digital art. Essentially what was desired is how discover a Natural Gift and then tap into it deeply. That is a very personal experience, not easily delved into by another. I wrote a little about this topic over four years ago on December 14, 2005.

I first thought about my own natural gifts around 1985. At that time I was a programmer, database designer, teacher, and technology consultant. My psychic senses told me that while I would always henceforth be involved with technology, something else was in store for me off in the future. For the time being though, I recognized my natural gift as the ability to model real-life business problems in software and create solutions for my clients. It was a comfortable feeling to recognize one of my gifts. I didn't know how many others were waiting within to surface.

Around 1992, I started to realize I had a very useful ability to listen to my clients and gain their confidence in building technology solutions together. I became the customer contact further developing my social skills, understanding their real requirements (apart from what they thought were the requirements) and provide other programmers what they needed to create what really was desired as the customer solution. I accepted this gift in me evolving from programmer to technology comforter for my clients. I immediately obtained benefits from that new approach. Starting EveryDay Objects, Inc. with my other partners in 1993 was one such benefit. My two natural gifts blended well together. Still I knew it there would be more internal discoveries in the future.

In January 1997 I was intrigued by a software application called, Bryce I saw at MacWorld that year and purchased it. It was the beginning of my artistic expression that would take over three years to reveal itself as another of my natural gift's. Before that recognition arrived in January 2000 after the death of my Mother, I was unaware of how latent that artistic talent had been. In the years that followed the combination of my technical skills and artistic expression manifested itself in many ways, this website is one of the more visible ways. I knew I was on a path, but not anxious for mile markers. Life is not meant to be anxious, I learned.

Between 2003 and 2008 I was deeply involved in Twin Oaks Toastmasters. There I discovered another natural gift in leadership by being a part of a volunteer team and helping each other in developing speaking and leadership skills. It was near the end of that involvement that I began to see my core natural gift in and of itself. It is comprised at least by the previously revealed gifts and it was a wonderful insight for me. I believe that gift is to lead teams of people to their fullest potential using all my other gifts. knowledge, and life experiences.

We all have natural gift's. Some people are lucky enough to discover at least one of them. It might be: the gift of listening; it might be the gift of singing; it might be as a care-giver; it might be as a teacher; it might be as a poet; it might be as an artist. That list is not complete, there are about 6 billion people in the world, perhaps there are at least 6 billion different natural gift's?

One thing I know for sure is that a person who recognizes their natural gift's should use them openly and often. We were given these natural gift's to share, not to selfishly keep to ourselves. I also know that our natural gift's are self-discovered, no one else can tell us what they are or when they will be revealed, or even how they should be used. We use them as the need arises-in others as well as for ourselves.

I picked today's image above to help explain my message. The following is part of my narration for that image. I hope to witness your natural gift's one day, if I haven't been fortunate yet to see them.

Life is a 'curved space' of changing colors and perspectives. What you have learned during your lifetime is reflected in your interests, your speech, and the way you interact with others.


My Facebook friend, Karen, posted this cool YouTube video on her Wall. Karen always shares her natural gifts freely and openly.


My friend, Steve, sent me a note about the new San Marcos Historical Society website. It has old photos of the city I currently live in and some videos, one showing snow here in 1966. In looking at that website, I can see contributions made by so many others past and present sharing a portion of their gifts.


My good friend since childhood, Bob Katzman, is opening a new store this month. He truly shares his natural gifts, I've benefited from them many times. Here is his announcement:

My name is Bob Katzman and I am opening a new store at 4906 Oakton Street, just west of Annie's restaurant. I have been self-employed since 1964, so I bring a wealth of experience to the community. I believe I will prosper here, and be open in January.

My new store is called Bob's Newsstand, which originally was a 5-store chain I owned from 1965 to 1985. It will carry 100,000 periodicals going back to 1800 which people can purchase as birthday and anniversary gifts. Or unforgettable business "Thank You" gifts.

I will also carry 20,000 movie posters, both new and old. Prices will be mostly pretty low, too, reflecting the reality of these economic times. Also, flags of every nation from Andorra to Zambia, 200 different ones, including flags from nationalities currently without countries, such as Assyria, Kurdistand and Palestine. If you are having a business or personal event and want to decorate your tables with dozens of different flags, I will always have them in stock, all year.

My new website, now under construction, will (eventually) be found at Bob's Newsstand. My phone: (847) 470-9444.


What's more intelligent than a Genius? Appsaurus


Found on the web links for January 3, 2010 [ Link since removed ]


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