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January 4, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

Thinking By The Book

Today's song is Day Tripper, by The Beatles, released in 1965.

Clarity in thinking was impressed on me by my late supervisor and mentor, Walter Strauss. I have a folder in my file cabinet of examples he gave me to support his views on the importance of solving problems in a particular way.

Walter's approach in simple terms, was to first consider all the inputs carefully and then disregard anything that couldn't be supported in the first pass. It is a recursive process at each step of the way before moving on to supportable conclusions.

He tried to interest me in learning about the concept of Mind Mapping in the early 1990's. I didn't see the value in it then. I was too busy at the time furthering my workflow processing ideas and object-oriented software development, to breakaway and delve into what I considered obscure science. Now I see what he was getting at with his suggestions.

Perhaps if I had been introduced into a merging of Mind Mapping and Critical Thinking, the analytical side of my personality would have accepted the challenge Walter was posing so subtly to me.

In looking for some software nowadays related to Mind Mapping, I find these Mac products. I'm going to test out Thinking Rock and see what the concept holds for me.

As I prepare to ready my book for publishing, I want to be clear in what I present and the lessons learned along the way [link since deleted]. I was involved with a Day Tripper in the years before I was married. Integrating the effect she had on me is instrumental to the plot. Understanding and acknowledging the responsibilities we owed and yet deprived each other of is paramount to the lessons learned by me later in life.


This article may be of some assistance to those thinking about their future.


If you're looking for a high school yearbook, this site may have it for you. I found having my 1968 yearbook is a useful way to connect with people who attended my high school that year. Sometimes there is less than six degrees of separation when you're looking for someone and you have the right resources at your disposal. :-)


Just to round out this message about thinking, software, and accessing the right resources, this tool may be of use to Mac users. It allows you to browse the object-store when using the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). Perhaps there is a way to combine Mind Mapping and S3 in a Critical Thinking Model???


A couple friends of mine passed along their web links to me and I said I would mention them below.

Custom Coasters will take your favorite pictures and embed them in a protective coaster. They seem to be the perfect gift for many occasions.

The Free Model Foundry is for the serious designers of circuit boards. Those in the electrical engineering industry would be the most interested in that site.


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