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January 2, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Cherished Times

Today's song is Cherish by The Association in 1966.

I look forward to a number of changes in my life this year. I face all of them unafraid although some eventualities will be easier to accept than others...

I will celebrate a number of anniversaries this year. I first started driving in 1966 when my late brother, Charlie, taught me in his stick-shift 1965 Ford Mustang. Later a neighbor, Mark Anderson, taught me to drive his 1965 Honda 50cc motorcycle and later his 1964 White Volkswagen beetle. In late April of that year, I was given a Yamaha 60cc motorcycle as a gift by my mother. It was the start of my expressing personal freedom from that moment onward.

1966 was a year where I learned a valuable lesson in high school. A particular teacher acted on my behalf that spring, it would be years until I fully appreciated what she had done for me.

The Summer of 1966 brought another educational opportunity to for me when I took a summer school class in an attempt to bypass the usual academic process. It was a time when I discovered more than I bargained for at the onset.

I met many new friends in the Summer of 1966 due to the influence of my late friend, Robert Norcutt. He and I would travel to Rainbow Beach on my motorcycle and there, he introduced me to some friends he had made there. One of them, Sharon Kazmierczak, would become a close friend to me over the next six years. She was a kind young woman who possessed a good heart and was easy to get along with.

Those and other stories from 1966 I plan to expand upon here as this new year develops.


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