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January 1, 2010 [ More archived home pages here ]

The Secret Of A Happy New Year 2010!

The above image is, Ebb Tide

Today's song is Ebb Tide by The Righteous Brothers, released in 1965.

I have these words for all my readers at this beginning of the new year:

"Love can wither away where there is only one unshared dream between two people.

Two dreams combined into one may travel back to their respective individual heart's where the magic of love lives true as one."

-- dwlarson 01/01/2010


As 2010 begins, this website closes in on 4.5 million page views since its birth on April 8, 2002...


San Diego is warm and sunny these next few days with temperatures predicited to be in the low 70's. A nice way to celebrate new changes.


My good friend and mentor, Gene Weed, asked me to create some digital artwork for a project he recently worked on. It combines the copyrighted music of Harold Jennings group, The Envoys and sung by Tara Jane Stull. Mr. Victor Sharpe plays the tenor sax solo. Take a look at the result.

Blue Rain Music Video is about 4 minutes 18 seconds long and 22.3 MB in size (Requires Quicktime 7). It is formatted to display properly on Apple's iTouch and iPhone devices (after downloading and installing into iTunes). Depending on your Internet connection speed the load time before the movie starts will vary. It is about 22.3 MB in size and about 4 minutes and 18 seconds in duration.

History and Permissions for usage


I went to see the new movie, Invictus on Tuesday afternoon at my favorite local theater (shown below). About 50-60 people attended my showing. It's a very inspirational film. A great way to send out the old year and welcome the new!


I am very happy for Sir Patrick Stewart!


Good news for consumers from the FCC.


Found on the web links for December 31, 2009 [ Link since removed ]


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