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February 26, 2008 [ More archived home pages here ]

Twelve Years of Living In, "Near Paradise"

The above image, Elbow Grease is also available as a Desktop

Today's song is Day Dreaming by Aretha Franklin, released in 1972.

This day and date marks twelve years of Sherry and I living in North San Diego County. I arrived here after a cross-country five-day trip back in 1996. Sherry arrived two days earlier by jet from Chicago. We validate that time flies when you're having fun!

To help celebrate this anniversary, the weather cooperated today with it reaching it about 75 degrees on this sunny, typical San Diego day. Every once in a while I think back to my path in life that brought me to this wonderful place. I've written about that journey on other parts of this site several times.

There are new adventures planned this year. As President of Newbound, Inc., I have project management duties that increasingly take more of my time. I informed my Twin Oaks Toastmasters club members that I will be leaving as a member at the end of March. It will be the completion of a five-year journey of enlightenment. There are several of my speeches on my site and other thoughts about my experience in that club. I will still see my friend from that organization, I'm never far from from most of them in heart, mind, and spirit.


Earlier this week I published the first of some Keynote '08 presentations to put on the iTouch as Quicktime videos perfectly sized for its screen or its bigger cousin, the iPhone. The first presentation is Towards Effective Speaking Keynote Presentation (title slide shown below). I also published it on my YouTube account.


Over the weekend Sherry and I watched the movie, Feast of Love on DVD. It's an interesting story of how people fall in love and out of love. Some portions of the movie are not mainstream, but American life is not always mainstream for some people. Where love is concerned, anything can happen--and does.


I read today that Apple iTunes is now the number 2 music retailer in the United States. I've helped them reach that goal and will continue that consumer tract as long as I can purchase individual songs of my liking for 99¢.

I also have my own music Heart Of Digital Passages iTunes Music Album for sale on the Apple iTunes store for several countries and other music services.


It's good to see resistance by voters against the sub-prime bailout ideas. People who make poor financial decisions need to be held accountable otherwise the free enterprise system (Capitalism) will fail. Too many Americans won't want the free enterprise system to fail. I'm one of them.


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