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February 26, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

Affirmations Of This Californian

The above image, Alone, In Her Thoughts is also available as a Desktop

Today's song is Gentle On My Mind, by Glen Campbell, released in 1967.

Eleven years ago today was also a Monday. I became a Californian for the second time in my life that day and stayed.

Empty-nesting was still a new experience for my wife, Sherry and I then. Our daughter, still in college in 1996, accepted our move here from the Chicago area with some hesitation. We made it work. Now married for almost seven years and with a six-month-old daughter of her own, the burden of our absence is harder.

Being away from her emerging family is an "interesting" situation for both Sherry and I. We continue to make living here work, but it's a challenge being grandparents across the distance.

I wanted to be a Californian for close to forty years and it took a lot of effort to make the successful transition the second time around in 1996. My wife, Sherry enjoys California life, no regrets on that. We decided together our path to this place, we decide together on the path ahead.

I'm not the person I was back in Chicago. I changed and evolved out here. I found out who I was, who I am now, who I will be going forward. This California experience did that to me.

Being involved in various types of clubs and volunteer situations helped make the transformation within me complete. Volunteering in ways I could helped me acquire more wisdom and those experiences are worth more than money I could have made in that time.

If I was hiring a person, I would make it a requirement that they personally were involved in helping as a volunteer by working in some capacity. I wonder why some employers don't count that in as a hiring requirement? Knowing a person is a volunteer is often more important to me in determining a person's worth far more than their educational accomplishments. That's why volunteerism is such a strong qualifier to me and inspires me to continue myself as a volunteer.

I have a lot to learn yet about life. It's a never ending process. I'm writing a book about important parts of my life [link since deleted]. The book concerns the times when I was lost and didn't know it. It concerns trust and being failed by that trust. It concerns personal redemption by facing the truth and accepting that truth in face of the long-held myths that once were dominant.

I became a much better speaker and leader here. Both qualities are important for people determined to set their own agenda and pace, to influence the people and world around us. To communicate a course of action, to set a direction for others, to team with them as their leader is a powerful experience. The prerequisites for doing that is to be true and honest with yourself, be true and honest to others, and speak and lead to accomplish as a team what is desired.

I'm not sure I will always be in this place. There may come a time when I leave for other pastures. In my heart, I'll always be a Californian, it's part of my DNA now. For now, my California dreaming continues...


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