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February 24, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

Music of My Heart

I have a list of top-ten musical songs that doesn't change very often. All the music I keep in my iTunes library or on my iPod shuffle sounds good to me. The order sometimes changes, but the first five ranked below don't.

  1. Tell Her No -- Zombies
  2. Thing's I'd Like To Say -- New Colony Six
  3. California Dreamin' -- Mama's and Papa's
  4. Light My Fire -- Jose Feliciano
  5. Triangle -- Janie Grant
  6. Diary -- Bread
  7. Caroline, No -- Timothy B. Schmit
  8. Poetry Man -- Phoebe Snow
  9. You Already Know -- Swing Out Sister
  10. Scarborough Fair -- Simon and Garfunkel

For some reason the song, Tell Her No is always number one. That song came out forty years ago this month. I think part of the reason it is my all-time favorite tune is the simplicity of the words and harmony. It also describes part of my young life romances.

When I'm at my desktop computer I'm listening to music. When I'm out in my car, or walking around, or waiting someplace, my iPod shuffle is on and flowing the soothing sounds from most of my top 180+ songs to my mind, heart, and soul.

Curiously, none of my own musical creations make the top-ten list. I must not be that good of an artist. ;-)

Think of your musical tastes and try to come up with a list of your favorite top ten songs. My approach is to traverse my complete iTunes library, pulling out songs I think are good candidates. Today I came up with 30 in the initial pass, it could have easily been 50, but I was trying pretty hard to be diligent to the task at hand.

In the second pass I got that list down to fifteen. In the third pass the pressure was on to get it down to twelve. It was a challenge to exclude two of those songs for the final ten. Immediately, my mind started to ask, "Hey what about...?" and that's when I know it's time to stop. If I didn't stop, the selection and ranking process never ends. :-)

I know that on another day the ranked list is likely to be different. In fact it should be different, right?

I'll make you all a promise. If you can "Tell Her No" and make it stick this time, my top-ten list will never be the same again. But I caution you, forty years of history is hard to overcome.


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