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February 22, 2010 [ More archived home pages here ]

A La Carte Health Care

The above image, Bitterly Cold Journey is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is Dust In The Wind by Kansas, released in 1977.

The health care debate continues. This is my perspective at this stage of my life on health insurance and health care options:

I want to be able to see a doctor for routine, uncomplicated office visits and pay about $20 for each visit. I also want blood and urine lab tests twice a year that is also paid for at $20 per visit. I need common medicines occasionally and willing to pay a reasonable co-pay for those as well. My insurance should cover the rest of those costs for me.

I do not need maternity options and unwilling to pay for those benefits. I do not need long-term care nor experimental treatments because I have other ideas about such matters if they were to happen to me. So I'm not willing to pay for those either.

I need dental and vision insurance which is already inexpensive and that level of service is okay with me.

I'll sign a malpractice waiver form if needed as long as I can choose a reputable doctor for my services.

I figure I should be able to obtain a monthly premium for about $250 to have that kind of insurance. The reasons I am unable today to get that kind of premium and coverage is because of litigation and the lumping of services and coverages that I don't need.

For people who need coverage beyond what I do, then they should be prepared to pay for that burden in their premiums.

My elected officials should work on a la carte health care premiums and services as part of health reform. So far, I do not see those offerings, instead I see more complications and an even greater escalation of premiums with what has been divulged to the public. I'll remain against health care reform if it continues in that direction because I view that direction as health care jail.


It's good to see jobs being created because of the Apple's iPad.


I think this is a great idea. I have a ton of hand tools and a nearby Ace Hardware store if the need arises.


Here's a YouTube video, Tremors using my art images (with credits) combined with another's music.


Found on the web links for February 21, 2010 [ Link since removed ]


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