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February 22, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

My Decade Of Waves

Today's song is Beyond The Sea by Bobby Darin, released in 1960.

Ten years ago today I started on my cross-country move here to beautiful North San Diego County. It is the best move we ever made and it brought Sherry and I a new way of life right from the time we arrived here.

The life in Southern California is very different from Chicago. Of course the weather is great, but the whole region here offered so much to do that it took us years to see the many places in this large county. We met a lot of people during our life here.

I changed a great deal and much of it has to do with the freedom I felt here that I didn't acquire back in the Chicago area, where I grew up.

I wrote about my appreciation of the ocean and the impact it has on me whenever I walk along the shore, mere inches from the tide's edge. I've ridden a lot of waves these last ten years and not all of them were in the water.

I found my life center between four and five years ago. Who I was before, went out with the tide in early 2002 after changing currents stirred within me. Yes, even a few rip-tides caught me up for a while back then, but I floated out of their effect into calmer waters by March 2002.

I am so different in these last four years in particular. I have accomplished a lot in my community involvement and I interact with so many great people that I met since that time. This web site is a strong indication of how free and strong I am nowadays. In person, I'm much more than my representation here. Only people who know me in-person would understand that. It's wonderful to have so many friends I can see and talk to face-to-face, and it's cool to be able to have people on the Internet reach out to me as well.

It's said that a rising tide floats all boats. I know that's true because I've been sailing around on high-tide for years.

Whatever changes happen from this point on in my life, I'm ready to face them. I made my dreams come true. I've helped many others along the way. I've got good friends all around this world. My wife and family sail along with me wherever our dreams take us. We caught the same wave of life and it carries us all along together.


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