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February 19, 2010 [ More archived home pages here ]

Reconnections 2010

The above image, Vision at Ocean Shores is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is As Time Goes By by Dooley Wilson, released in the movie Casablanca, in 1942.

Recently, a number of people from the South-side of Chicago that I haven't previously met, contacted me because of the content they found here on this website. Some of them later became my newest Facebook Friends and the dialog between us is interesting.

In one case, one of the people lived upstairs of one of my best friends when they lived in their old neighborhood. Time Out Of Mind has brought about other reconnections before due to this site's intersection with so many visitors that arrive here for one reason or another.

Because of these new acquaintances, I joined the Facebook Group, You Know You're From South Chicago/South East Side if.... There is a lot of great pictures and exchanges of information on that page. That association increases the likelihood that I will run into more people that knew people from my past or knew me personally. It means more opportunities for reconnections.

I'm up to 111 contacts on Facebook. There is a large percentage of those people I've never met in-person. Still, we find sufficient common ground to continue the association. On LinkedIn, I'm up to 102 contacts, almost all are people I do know in-person. The two social media groups serve different purposes, but both provide connections or reconnections.

Not all attempts at reconnections in life work out as anticipated. About nine years ago I reached out and was rejected. There were two main benefits to that experience: 1) Ironically, the rejection led to new insights of self; 2) About a year later it led to the creation of this website. Those outcomes support an old adage, God doesn't give you what you ask for, God gives you what you need. You can't go wrong with that kind of assistance.


On Thursday it was one year since I passed my Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist Exam for Microsoft Project 2007 Professional software.


The grass roots Tea Party Movement is rapidly gaining momentum. It's not about supporting Republicans nor Democrats. It's about those party candidates supporting us!


My Facebook friend, Kari, expresses an interest in Adoption in Arizona.


The painful truth about age discrimination in tech.


New data: 40 percent in US lack home broadband.


Here's a free Mac utility to shrink pdf's.


Found on the web links for February 18, 2010 [ Link since removed ]


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