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February 18, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]


Today's song is Easy To Be Hard by Three Dog Night, released in 1969.

It is my opinion that most people are helpful in acknowledging the appropriate needs of another. Only in a few instances in my life have people completely rejected my requests for help. Perhaps you have about the same number of unresponsive people in your life? Try as you might, sometimes you get unexpected results for your efforts. But even unexpected results are preferred over unresponsive reactions.

Such situations are probably experienced by most of the population. Initially I was discouraged when it happened to me, sometimes hurt by the rejection for a time. The lessons of life are not always pleasant ones, but they can provide insights and new understandings. They may even lead you into new directions in your quest --maybe even to the truth.

This day I reflect on activities of the past and appreciate the knowledge I gained along the paths of life I walked. I wonder had I not been rejected would I know the truth, or instead of rejection, would I have reinforced the myths that lead me up to that point? I need to consider that the truth is not a subjective aspect of knowledge and wisdom acquired through association or contact with others. The truth, when tested for validity always remains undeniable. Myths on the other hand, can be fashioned any way you wish; they are never tested at all.

I do not rely on one source for truth on any topic I inquire about. If one source is reluctant or unresponsive in the quest for important matters, then often I need to route-around the barrier and use other ways to find my way to the truth. A true pathfinder will always find their way to the truth. I did.


For all freedom lovers, it appears the RIAA is out to have the United States Federal Government further reduce your rights to use music you purchase on CD so that you can't put that music on your portable listening devices such as your Apple iPod. Apparently, the RIAA believes that "ripping" your own music CD's to your personal computer doesn't fall under the copyright act's definition of "fair use".

The RIAA and only the RIAA wants to be the sole group that determines what the consumer's music rights should be as they see it. Since they can't win consumers over with their "rip-off" music CD and music DVD prices in a free marketplace, they want to restrict the consumer's rights and "force us" to buy the way they want, at their prices, and then use only according to their wishes.

Those poor misguided RIAA management fools are spitting into the wind if they think American consumers will ever abide by such changes in the law, if enacted. The American consumers have tried repeatedly to get the RIAA to understand that times have changed and that their marketing models and pricing are out of touch with alternative ways to acquire music legally. Americans will continue to route-around the RIAA in every conceivable fashion, in ever-growing numbers, because the RIAA, seemingly motivated by pure greed, is unresponsive to the rights of Americans.


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