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February 17, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

That Certain Smile

In the last couple months I have been receiving very nice smiles from people. Some of them I know, some I never met before and some I will never see again.

The frequency of those smiles hadn't registered on me until the last few days. For instance, last Sunday I was sitting on a bench at the beach in Carlsbad listening to my iPod shuffle. A young woman with dark hair, I would say she was in her early twenty's, walked by me and looked directly into my eyes with a very seductive smile. It caught me by surprise as I was not expecting to see that look from a stranger as I gazed out towards the ocean's horizon. I think I slightly smile back to her. About fifteen minutes later, she walks back from the other direction and looks right into my eyes and offered that same Mona Lisa smile again! An even smaller smile emerged from me that time. I wasn't looking to acknowledge her intent. I must admit though, she did trigger the reaction she intended.

Certain smiles captivate me. I need to be careful not to signal anything but appreciation in return to some of those certain smiles. Anyone serious about their own relationship with another should be careful of their signals. But I must admit, it is a curious reaction to be on the receiving end of some seductive smiles.

I am no stranger to seductive smiles. I've been receiving them on an occasional basis for thirty-seven years now. For the last thirty-two years I received them every day from my wife, Sherry. She gets my full attention and a kiss when I get that certain smile from her. :-)

I'm lucky to be on the receiving end of all types of smiles. It sure makes my day to know I'm worth it in someone's eyes who passes me that common human expression. Most of the time I try to return the smile with one of appropriate strength and measure. Sometimes I am the initiator. In either case, I know when I do it just right because I see the reaction in their eyes.

When we meet someday, I'll look for your smile if you look for mine. Then these words I've written today will have more meaning for both of us.


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