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February 16, 2009 [ More archived home pages here ]

Near Dream Experiences

The above image, Gateway to a Dream is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is YouTube's In Dreams, by Roy Orbison, released in 1963.

The other night at dinner, we discussed some of the times when we are either just waking up or just about to fall into a dream. In those quasi-awake moments when the real and imaginary are intermixed leaving us confused and disoriented. Some our stories are funny. Some are scary concerning the remnants of a nightmare.

Those situations are not that common with me, but the ones that have occurred are remembered for their wide range of reactions. I'll describe one of the funny ones, the one Sherry likes to tell others about.

At the time, we were living in our first apartment. The year was 1974 and that one bedroom place in the southern suburb of Chicago is where we resided. We didn't own a bed then, we slept on the floor. In our bedroom, there was a light fixture in the center of the ceiling. The glass was held in place by a small brass screw head.

One night, I half-awoke and thought the glass was about to drop on us. I was very concerned that the slightest vibration would bring it down to shatter on us. I woke Sherry half-way up, went to retrieve the step-stool and as she braced me, I reached towards the fixture, not quite reaching it, until I was satisfied the screw head was on tight enough. Somehow the step-stool was then placed back in the middle of the front-room. Then we went back to sleep.

In the morning, Sherry saw the step-stool in the front room, realizing what had happened during the night and complained to me about involving her with my dreams! Only then did I start to remember the episode myself.

The near dream experiences seem so real at the time. Only later can we fully appreciate how easily we can be affected by that activity.


In past messages I mentioned my high regard for Vincent van Gogh as my favorite artist. I have several of the books about him. I try to watch the 1956 movie, Lust for Life when I see it scheduled on TV. On Sunday afternoon I watched that movie again.

It is unfortunate that Vincent didn't receive effective treatment for his emotional and mental problems. He might have been able to shed more light on the deep capabilities a human being can put themselves through when driven uncontrollably. His art is the only light we have into him, but we don't know who he really was.

These two books listed below contain some of the letters Vincent wrote or were written to him. The struggles he faced only partially comes through in those letters. I sometimes wonder what near dream experiences he had and if anyone was there to provide him at least some measure of comfort at those times?

Guide to the National Museum Vincent Van Gogh Amsterdam
Van Gogh: a document biography


My cousin, Linda B., discovered this piece of family history, The Honeyman Family Book 1548-1908. By A. Van Doren Honeyman, on Google. She forwarded that information to me for wider distribution.

I sent that information out to the members on my John Honeyman email list. I received more than a few kind replies in response.


News that is nothing to sneeze at.


In my extensive experience on this topic, I do not believe science is involved at all. Each kiss I've received over the last 41 years is a near dream experience of a different kind...


Found on the web links for February 15, 2009 [ Link since removed ]


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