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February 15, 2008 [ More archived home pages here ]

After Valentine's Day

The above image is my, Valentine's Day 2008 card from Sherry

Today's song is Roses Are Red by Bobby Vinton, released in 1962.

Congratulations to those in a mutual love relationship after this recent Valentine's Day. Those of us in that wonderful mode of life celebrate in various ways.

I gave my wife, Sherry, a dozen red roses as my expression of love to her. In return she gave me some gifts and the beautiful card shown above. She also baked me some brownies and put them in heart-shaped holders for me.

I began thinking back on my path through romance in my life. How did I get to this wonderful place?

It was a mere forty years ago yesterday that I first told a young woman I was in love with her. I read her a poem I wrote about my love for her at the time, at Rainbow Beach in Chicago's south side. I wrote her several poems during our time together. That particular aspect of my nature seemed to go away after we broke up.

In the early summer of 1970 I fell in love a second time with someone else. No poetry was read on that occasion. It was a very different relationship than my first. After we broke up, I continued to evolve my ideas on what was really important and what kind of person would match with me better the next time, if there was going to be a next time.

At that age, I thought my next serious relationship would be far off into the future, if ever. In time, those early experiences helped shape my heart and outlook in seeking a permanent relationship, even if I wasn't aware of that outlook on a conscious level. When I fell in love with Sherry in early 1973, that relationship reached its fruition.

A Valentine's Day celebrated in pursuit of romance is often rewarded. Hopefully if the relationship is fully respected by each, that romance lasts a long time. Such is the case for Sherry and I as we approach our 35th wedding anniversary in April.

A friend of mine and Sherry sent me an online Valentine's day card in friendship. It was straight from her heart. Of course, we still love her as a dear friend. It's another example of how Valentine's Day can be celebrated between friends.

For those that shared their love on this most recent Valentine's day, I hope you appreciate what you have and cherish each other forever. Maybe even, past the Moon and the Stars--forever.


Earlier this week, I attended a special training and demonstration class on episTree software from Knowledge Systems Solutions. It is an effective tool for managing your knowledge management needs. At this time, that useful software only runs on Windows.

episTree is a well thought-out software paradigm. It makes it easy to keep track and recall the various documents used to manage projects. It stores its data in an xml repository and includes a schema for those who might wish to do further transformations on the xml structure itself.

episTree is continually being enhanced. Knowledge Systems Solutions listens to their customers concerns and feature requests and provide them what they need in return. That software has a trial period, so go ahead and check it out. I liked it!


I urge you to keep informed on some new legislation to protect your Internet rights. There are broadband Internet Service Providers (ISP) companies trying to discriminate against certain uses of the Internet or charging for what has been included at no extra cost at this time. If you want the keep your freedom as you've come to know it with respect to using the Internet, I suggest you stay informed. :-)

In the meantime, here's an article to help you protect yourself against intrusions by broadband suppliers.


Found on the web links for February 14, 2008 [ Link since removed ].


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