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February 15, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Staying Focused

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Today's song is The Warmth Of The Sun by The Beach Boys, released in 1964.

Each day may bring a set of distractions that vary in magnitude. Sometimes we get carried away by situations in life because of emergencies that arise in various degrees. More often, the distraction is not that serious and we resume our intended course of action within a short period of time.

Longer term projects require a consistent approach to reach the desired goal. Being able to break up a large project into smaller steps allows the project to make progress while keeping track of changes or distractions.

For the last four weeks I have been involved in an online project management course. It's a refresher of sorts for me and the instructor is very good at explaining the principles and lessons he imparts. The class has two more weeks to run and I'm already thinking of taking another class by him that is more advanced. I enjoy project management and it is a part of my career stream. As an analytical person, I use the practice of project management to lead teams to complete the goals on-time and be on budget.

I have a few personal projects that I am managing. My forthcoming book is progressing and more information about it is coming soon. The volunteer activities I participate in around my community are also projects to a lesser degree. Regardless of the number of projects, I remain focused on how they fit in with the rest of my life.

In living out here for just about ten years, I find a nice walk along the beach to be one of the most beneficial ways to regain focus about what is important in life. Last sunday I took a short walk along the beach with my wife, Sherry. She took my picture at several places, the one above is one of my favorites.

I remain focused and on my life's path. I have a loving wife, daughter, extended family, and large group of friends to focus upon in one way or another. For any distractions I might encounter along my path, I know I can rely on them if the need arises. At other times I walk the sands near the ocean's shore, staying focused on what's truly important.


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