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February 14, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Valentine's Day 2006

Today's song is Betcha By Golly, Wow by The Stylistics, released in 1973.

The tradition of love's expression for those we are romantically linked with arrives again for its annual visit. Those that we love as a partner should be given a token of our affection for them as part of that recognition.

To my wife, Sherry, I find extra ways to let her know I love her, like the flowers I gave her today (shown below). Over the weekend she purchased a book for me as her gift in the exchange. I'll write a bit more about that item further down this page. We are both going to be treated when our daughter arrives for a few days visit later this week. Jenny is doing fine in her pregnancy and we as expectant-grandparents will be happy to see her and give her hugs and kisses. What greater gift of love is there than the love of a loyal spouse and family?


As I mentioned above, Sherry purchased the book, Washington's Crossing. It is the story of General George Washington and the history leading up to the Battle at Trenton, when he and his Army obtained their first battle victory in the Revolutionary War. My ancestor, John Honeyman, played an important part in that victory as a personal spy for Washington. The story is well-written and along with the family connection, keeps me entertained. Thanks, Sherry for that book!


Last week I watched the progress of the Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer as it made the record-breaking trip. The aircraft was built by the company of my friend Jeff Rutan's father, Scaled Composites. Thanks, Jeff for the heads-up last week!


I couldn't help but notice how Netflix was making their "unlimited" rental program work. It seems that "unlimited" has limits after-all, except Netflix wasn't informing their customers of their internal policy as they should have been doing from the start. I don't spend my money on "unlimited" programs because they all have catch-22's attached somewhere in the fine print. Now that "fine print" has been exposed in the news and on this site too!


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