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February 13, 2009 [ More archived home pages here ]

A Valentine's Promise

The above image, Ornament Of Love is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is YouTube's Making Love by Roberta Flack, released in 1982.

It has been said that the greatest gift to give is the gift of love. I concur.

Between those that have loved, this special day is remembered for all those good times spent together. Those lives mingled and the memories do note fade away in the heart.

Sherry became the focus of my attention in 1973. We fell in love, remaining that way to this very day. We are Valentines to each other in all that matters.

Our daughter became engaged on Valentine's Day 1997. It is a special day for she and her husband, now the parents of two small children. It is wonderful to see love manifest itself through the generations.

If you make a Valentine's promise of love to another, keep it close to your heart. Stay true to your feelings because life will be good to you for giving that greatest gift.


At Newbound, Inc. we produced a quick demo (20MB) of the features of the Newbound Content Management System (CMS), a part of the Newbound Software Library (NSL).

This demo focuses on the development of content, the staging environment and publishing to the live site. The user interface for the Newbound CMS is an example of the types of user interfaces that can be created using the CMS.

The Newbound CMS is a small part of the overall capabilities we developed for our products and services segment of our business. One distinguishing aspect of our design is the NSL can create any CMS required. In other words, using our tools, we can quickly create CMS systems according to client specifications.


My cousin, Donna, started a nice home embroidery business, NonnaMade. She is very talented!


My friend, Bob, suggests reading a book published almost 100 years ago because the lessons from that era have been forgotten.

I like this idea for using the bail-out funds. I suggest a slight change to it. Have it reduce the principle to 70% of the current balance, instead of 70% of the original amount.




My friend and mentor, Gene Weed, created a page of pictures of the recent snow storm to hit northern Arizona along Route 66.


The feds made the usual soft-handed gesture for H-1B workers. Some say the H-1B program has outlived whatever doubtful usefulness it ever had.

Laid-off Americans fight old laws and policies enacted to make it easy for employers to deny those former workers unemployment compensation.


And some people wonder why gun sales are up at three times the prior year's rate.


Don't come out from under those covers just yet.


I welcome this change for Snow Leopard.


I like this revolution.


Need help with math?


What have we learned in dealing with the rest of the world?

What concrete steps, not BS steps, should be taken to eliminate this potential threat?:

"Mr. Blair also cited growing concern among American spies that North Korea could be using a covert uranium enrichment program to produce fissile material for its small arsenal of nuclear weapons. Officials in Washington believe that North Korea is preparing for another long-range missile test, in an attempt to demonstrate an ability to threaten cities along the west coast of the United States."

Or should we just play the odds that we won't be the ones to die in an attack, so why do anything concrete to prevent it?


Found on the web links for February 12, 2009 [ Link since removed ].


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