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February 9, 2010 [ More archived home pages here ]

Chicago Winter 2010 Trip

The above image is, Morton Grove Gathering

Today's song is Windy City by Peter White, released in 1998.

I had a wonderful time during my recent Chicago visit to see family and friends. The picture above is from the dinner get-together in Morton Grove, Il, on Wednesday, February 3, 2010. We ate at the delicious Seven Brothers Restaurant, spending over two hours there. Pictured above is: Marc Raiser, Beth Johnson, Bob Katzman, Me, Anna Kong, Herb Erlbach.

I arrived in Chicago on the evening of Saturday, January 30, 2010. I stayed at my daughter and her husband's home with their two children. Sunday morning we visited the graves of my family, the special occasion of my Dad's 100th anniversary of his birth. My daughter took this picture below of me at his grave. It was a cold day there with snow covering some of the headstones.

Afterwards in the early afternoon we attended a gathering of seventeen other people at Beggars Pizza in Lansing, Illinois. I hadn't seen my childhood friend, Gerry Jandeska since 1985. Lots of old stories were told that day all around the table. Some of those attending are shown below:

Pictured above: Joris Nefs, Katie Nefs, Dan Artus, Lil Artus, Kevin Nefs, Bill Artus, Susan Jandeska, Gerry Jandeska, and me

Pictured above: Doug Yeskis, Colletta Larson, Russ Larson, and Nina Yeskis,

Pictured above: Me, Nina Yeskis, and Russ Larson

On Tuesday, February 2, 2010, I drove through the south side neighborhood of my youth, tracing the path of places important to me in those years. In the late afternoon, I met up with my best friend, Bill Artus, at the South Shore Inn. There we purchased a pizza, sharing it with the other patrons there, telling our old stories from the 1970's in that establishment. It was like old times that day. Shown below is a picture of Bill and I with the remnants of the pizza.

On Tuesday evening, I visited with a Facebook friend, Ray White, at his martial arts establishment. Ray was a fellow martial arts student with me back in the mid-1970's.

On Thursday, my wife, Sherry, arrived in town and went to lunch with my daughter and our grandkids. Sherry and I took our granddaughter to the movie on Friday. On Saturday, we spent time with our daughter's in-laws, Ron and Tina, who are also our friends. On Sunday we watched the Super Bowl. On Monday we flew home, arriving here at the house in the late afternoon.

It was an enjoyable trip. We plan on returning to Chicago this summer for our next visit with everyone. If I missed you this time around, maybe I'll see you next time?


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