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February 9, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

The Art Of Licensing

Today's song is Our Day Will Come by Ruby and The Romantics, released in 1963.

As an artist I am flattered that so many people come and visit my site. I try to learn from each comment about my site and some of my images found their inspiration from thoughts exchanged with me.

Today I'm announcing the recent licensing arrangements I made concerning my Twin Flames page and the copyrighted image found there. That page is the most popular of my series of home pages. Several people have contacted me and through a written agreement, I granted them permission to use the Twin Flames image within the scope of those agreements.

One of the licensees is the Modesto, California Fire Department. They contacted me for using the image on their Annual Report. As a former volunteer fireman at the time I lived in Wisconsin, I immediately felt a great sense of pride when I read their request.

Another group using that image is a Canadian Blues Band, incorporating my art into their first CD cover (shown below). As an artist myself, I acknowledge the needs of others by helping them in ways I can.

As part of the agreement, I have added their original correspondence to me on the Testimonials page and linked to them on my Credits and Permissions page.


My wife, Sherry, created her own web page (thumbnail shown below) for her Massage business located here in San Marcos, CA. She created it all by herself by using the new iWeb application from Apple, after reading about it on my previous home page.

Sherry then sent out an announcement for that new site and she already has two responses from customers just a few hours later. This is another cool example of how Apple technology easily helps people be creative and productive in their pursuits. We can go down to the Fashion Valley Apple store for the free classes on how to use that software. If you live in the North County region of San Diego and in need of stress relief, schedule an hour-long massage appointment with Sherry, you'll be glad you did.


I want to congratulate my friend, Dale, who is now a Pastor at the Compass Bible Church. Dale worked hard for many years to finish his undergraduate and graduate studies preparing for this path in life. He and his wife, Shawna, are the main subjects of my Wedding Vows page. In looking at the Church's web site, I see they are even doing Podcasts! Spreading the views of their faith is now easier than ever for that congregation. How cool!


My brother, Rusty, is talking about taking a train trip here using Amtrak in the next year or so. I took the Amtrak round-trip service between San Diego and Chicago back in October 1996 and found it to be a great experience. I found a link to a large version of their service routes. A smaller, scaled version is shown below as an example. The larger linked version shows the details much better.


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