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February 8, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

Speaking and Leadership Skills

Today's song is He's A Rebel, by The Crystals, released in 1963.

Many of my readers are aware that I am involved with my Twin Oaks Toastmasters club for four years now. When I came to the club, I already felt I was an accomplished speaker, having given many technical presentations before small, medium, and large groups during my computer career.

Through Toastmasters, I discovered I could develop new speaking skills for situations other than technical presentations. Several of my prior speeches [1; 2; 3] and PowerPoint Presentations are on this site to attest to my development along that path.

I finished the Storytelling speech manual and have two remaining speeches to give from the Special Occasion Speeches manual. The fourth from that last manual will be presented next week. Then in March, I expect to earn my Advanced Communicator Bronze (AC-B) award when I give the last of those speeches.

Along the way in my club, I had several opportunities to lead. I served as Vice President of Education and President. I serve as a mentor for new members. I help other officers in the club when they need it. All of those activities are good experiences.

Last night at my San Diego Macintosh Users Group meeting, I was the moderator for the Question and Answer segment of that meeting that lasted about 45 minutes. It's been a few years since I did that task. Using my speaking and leadership skills now is easy. In the four years of participating in Toastmasters, speaking and leading became fully integrated. Wherever I am, I am a Toastmaster.


One of the SDMUG members mentioned at the meeting that the San Diego Community College District, North City location, offers free Macintosh computer classes. Signing up with them offers another advantage, you can obtain a student-ID card allowing you to purchase software at educational prices from major vendors. It seems like a winning combination to me.


If you are a business person desiring a new Mac but needs to still use Windows applications, take a look at the mutal coexistence document from Apple.


Lastly, I read this article concerning fake holograms. One day, there will either no longer be security for anyone, or there will be so much security that life will be an unhappy situation; the middle ground is rapidly disappearing as the machines take over.


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