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February 7, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

One 45 R.P.M. Record, 45 Years Later

Today's song is Triangle by Janie Grant, released in 1961.

Five years ago today, a woman emailed me about a web posting on my old web site concerning the song, Triangle. That woman is Janie Grant. Janie is a very warm human being who cares about people, and she cares about me.

I have never met Janie in-person, but she and I know a lot about each other. We have shared much over these last five years. She gave a radio interview in 2001 with Ronnie Allen that came about because of my initial web posting back in 2000. Many people appreciated her when she was a recording artist back in the early 1960's. Many of those same fans still enjoy her contributions.

The song Triangle reached number 28 on the charts in 1961. That was the highest rating any of her songs ever reached on the American charts. In my heart, it ranked near the top for decades as my story about her reveals. I wasn't the only young male to react to her that way. I was eleven years old at the time in 1961, too young to form a romantic connection with a 16 year-old. I've met other guys online that are older than I am and they fell in love with her back then. I think they still love her. For her birthday last September, I created this tune for her on behalf of all of us that love her. She loved it!

Janie has a true heart. She is one of the small group of people I've known in life that revealed their true heart to me and I to they. That means a lot to me.

Thanks Janie, you added joy to so many people over the last 45 years. In the last five, you added much to my life.


As a loyal Mac user, I recently purchased a family licensed version of Apple's iLife '06 software suite. One of the new applications in that bundle is iWeb that makes the creation of personal web sites very easy, especially if the user also has a dot-mac account. I created a simple home page (small version shown below) using the black iWeb "Welcome" template. It took about three minutes of clicking and typing and it uploaded to my space on .Mac like magic. It seems that I could add more pages to extend that site just as easily using different themes available in iWeb.


It's a warm and sunny week here in San Diego. Temperatures in the middle 70's and a very low relative-humidity index makes for the best weather. This is typical for this location and one of the reasons we live here. Last week, the highs were only about 55 degrees, a bit too cold for southern Californians. Yes, we have all four seasons here: Spring, Summer, Fall, and -- The Weather Channel. ;-)


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