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February 6, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

The Last Online Book Chapter

The above image created by my cousin, Linda. Thank you, Linda.

Today's song is one of my own creations, Resonance For Two, released in 2006.

After a long duration of thought and consideration, I published another phase of my youth for my book. Second Chances [link since deleted] covers the years 1958 to 1968 in general. It will be the last online chapter published. The complete book will tell the entire story when it is printed and available for sale.

I already received very positive feedback on that new chapter. For some people, my book is stirring up feelings they can relate to from the descriptions of my own young life. As an artist, I always feel good when anything I create is received openly and without hesitation by my readers.

I thought I would publish this new online chapter much earlier than now. A number of times I encountered new feelings and thoughts that made me stop to think about how I really wanted to convey what was in me. As an author telling the truth about my life, I want to do a good job in relating what it was like for me and those that effected me along the path.

The book in final printed form will be better detailed, especially the parts starting in 1968 and beyond. Each chapter needs to be laid out in the right perspective and context for who I was at that time and who I was involved with during the crucial years of 1968-69 for me. Only if I do that well, can the last period of the book between late 2000 and early 2002 be insightful and express the lessons learned properly.

I know there are many readers who had to overcome challenges in their lives. I don't know how many of them will directly relate to my book. Only time will answer that question...

As I wrote in an earlier online book section [link since deleted], some may not like what I write. That is their choice. No one is being forced to read my book. It is a true depiction of certain parts of my life. If you played a significant role in my life, you may see that role expressed. Think about how you effected me and how I effected you. It took the two of us to live those parts of my book, you know.

I must say it's getting easier to write the book as I want it. Any author worth their salt puts in the work required. I think I have the amount of salt needed.


I make a quick mention to say that last month this site received over 70,000 page views. Over 1/2 million hits were registered to deliver that content. All that activity leads me to predict that the 2 million page view mark will be reached in April, the fifth anniversary of this site's inception. I like that a lot, thanks everybody!


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