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February 6, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

Advantage PowerBook

Sherry just purchased a brand-new Apple PowerBook 15-inch (shown above) for her own use. The model she selected comes with 1GB of RAM and a 8x SuperDrive so she can burn her own photo slideshows on DVD's using iDVD really fast! It already is wireless and Bluetooth enabled, so she continues to use our wireless network in the house and her Palm Tungsten T3 without hassles.

Sherry purchased Apple iWork after enjoying some of the recent newsletters I created with my own copy of that application. I have included a picture of my Digital Passages Newsletter PDF [ Link since removed ] below as an example of what can be easily done with the Pages (part of iWork) application. She wants to make her own newsletters and other beautiful word-processing documents using the built-in templates in iWork.

Until I purchase my next Mac system, Sherry is allowing me to use her new PowerBook and install Motion on it. Then I can incorporate more cool visual effects on my QuickTime Videos and DVD creations. I guess I'm suffering from PowerBook Envy right now. ;-)

This is the year Sherry will expand her computing skills and capabilities by new creations now-and-then. She'll be selling her G3 600-Mhz iBook, now three years old. She did a lot of digital photo manipulation with that computer. Now she's ready with all the new software to go explore new opportunities. She has the power now and the advantages Apple technologies gives every user.


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