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February 4, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Unrestricted Adventures

This image is also available as a Desktop

Today's song is Go Where You Want To Go by The Mamas and The Papas, released in 1967.

I grew up in a great neighborhood on the southeast side of Chicago. At the age of ten, I was allowed to travel by myself alone many city blocks to the Avalon Theater and take bus trips several miles to the Museum of Science and Industry (shown above). I enjoyed freedom of movement on my bicycle too. As I grew older I extended my range and more unrestricted activities allowed me to blossom as an individualist.

The museum was a favorite destination of mine. I could spend all day alone wandering the halls, looking at the exhibits, sitting in on the lectures and demonstrations held in many sections of the building. School was never as interesting as the museums of Chicago. Schools were the real museums in my opinion, with the strict ways of teaching without regard to how well the student was learning. That was the approach of the "one size fits all" educational philosophy of the times.

The museum was also a place to go for dates later on in life. There were always couples walking around holding hands. Giving your girl a kiss in the middle of the big hall amongst hundreds of people was a must for a guy during the 1960's. Sometimes those kisses led to other unrestricted adventures, but that tangential subject is not a topic of discussion today. :-)

When I was 21 years old, I took a trip with my best friend, Bill Artus, when we drove from Chicago to Los Angeles during the early days of February 1972. That unrestricted adventure across the states opened my mind to new landscapes and provided the inspiration to someday live in the western states. After a couple previous moves, I finally made the last move here permanent in 1996.

Getting married is an unrestricted adventure in love. Just ask my wife, Sherry, she'll tell you what's it like to be married to me. She's earned a free pass into Heaven after living with me for almost 33 years. I'm such a devil at times (as shown below); I scanned her picture from 1972 and incorporated it into a private desktop for me. I wonder what unrestricted adventures that will provoke this weekend? ;-)

Don -- image taken in the summer of 1978

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