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February 2, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Prevalent Winds Of Life

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Today's song is Lowdown by Boz Scaggs, released in 1976.

The winds of life flow from all directions. A stiff wind can arrive too swiftly and knock you off balance, especially if it happens in the winter season on the southeast side in the Windy City of Chicago. Alternatively, a warm gentle winter breeze from the Pacific Ocean here in San Diego can lift your spirits aloft as if you are extension of a kite, drifting amongst the clouds.

Some clouds offer seclusion and some only obscure the view. Be considerate of which type you seek as you journey along with the winds of change.

Change is a good thing. Staying too long in comfort zones is certain to bring about an abrupt end at some point in time. That end may not be at a time of your choosing because we all know the direction of winds change unexpectedly. Sometimes the winds are with us and sometimes they oppose.

When the winds are with us, we sail along and steer our course more assuredly.

When we are against the wind, we spend more energy, we may sail off-course, we meet the resistance with a conviction in our heart to persevere.

I have known and felt the prevalent winds in my life. Their effects and sensations never leave me. They brought me to where I am today.


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