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December 29, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Man Of Another Age

Today's song is, Just A Song Before I Go by Crosby, Stills & Nash, released in 1977.

President Gerald R. Ford (shown above) was a man of integrity. He took over the American Presidency when another man disgraced his nation, leaving the unfinished tasks of making things right all the more difficult.

He pardoned that man, Richard Nixon, and set our nation free to work on other matters more important than tearing the nation further from the Watergate Scandal by holding impeachment trials.

It took a lot of guts to lead America back in 1974. Times were tough back then for many Americans. President Ford wasn't the most glamorous man, nor the most articulate. From all that I remember, he didn't want the job as Vice President. He reluctantly took the nomination as the only unelected Vice President.

Had Nixon been half the man that Ford was from a moral perspective, Ford could have enjoyed his final years in politics in the House of Representatives. Instead, Ford accepted the role as President and led the nation when called upon as best he could.

The America of the 1970's was on one end presided over by President Nixon whom used too much power. It ended with President Carter who didn't exercise enough power. In the middle was President Ford, who used power wisely and discretely. Now he is gone.

Rest In Peace, Mr. President. Thank you for all of your life's service to our country.


Turning now to those that serve as our elected representatives nowadays, what will they be doing on the technology front?


Over in Amsterdam, the elected representatives there are moving away from authoritarian technology handcuffs and exploring the venues of Open Source. I wish them much success and hope we here in America embrace that approach too.


For those that embrace a more friendly technology approach than those using the lower 95% of the computer technology market, here's a article about switching from PC to Mac. ;-)


As a salute to those that serve our nation to keep us free and safe, here's a link to the video of the US Navy Presidential Ceremonial Honor Guard Drill Team performing.


My friend and author, Robert M. Katzman [ Link since removed ], sells his two current books on Barnes and Noble at the links below:

Volume 1

Volume 2


Finally, I recently watched this Cosmos episode presented by another man from another age, Dr. Carl Sagan who passed away ten years ago this month.

Dr. Sagan believed in the the Drake Equation, a way to mathematically calculate the number of possible extraterrestrial civilizations in our galaxy that we might come in contact with someday. The Drake Equation is a response to the Fermi Paradox, a contradiction between the apparent high number of possible extraterrestrial civilizations in our galaxy and our lack of contact with them.

At a time when the peoples of the Earth question our own civilizations' behaviors, we can use the examples of Ford and Sagan, and even Bob Katzman to guide us onward.


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